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Happy saturday everyone! It has been a crazy good week for me, doing progress in the gym, having good shifts at work, doing great with school, I am just loving life! Of course there will be some set backs some times, but that’s just life. But hey, keep smiling! I am already prepping for my 30 days lean mean machine vegan diet plan, holy cannoli that was a pretty long name for a diet plan. I have for months now wanted to try a vegan “shred” meal plan, although I’m a big fan of pig outs and eating what I want, I think it would be a great idea just to try it for once.. Why not ey?

Anyways.. I came over this video on Facebook about several vegan hacks one could do, to make your life as a vegan, especially a new vegan, easier. So I decided to make my own little list of things that have really helped me. Now, as I have told you guys before, I cannot call myself a vegan, I would rather say plant based, because my diet probably contain around 95% plants.. I am not fully vegan in the parts of clothing, some foods, and so on, that I already have told you guys before in an earlier posts. Maybe I should make one blogpost more?

Anyways, here are my 5 best tip for those (including myself) that want to go fully vegan, or are already vegan/vegetarian:

-------------- 1. Do your own research --------------

I can’t say this enough.. Like seriously. I made this the first tip because it is so important! There are a lot of vegans and non-vegans out there that do a lot of propaganda and false accusations on diets, the environment, supplements, etc.. There are tons of articles out there, even on the most respected websites, that’s not really good scientific based... People often write an article based on one or two studies, like seriously? Come on! I am talking about sitting down and doing your homework. If you don’t really know, do not say anything. If you want to know, do your own research, before you open your mouth... For me it’s not about finding out how to propaganda, it is about inspiring others to care for themselves and the environment, by gaining knowledge.

If you have already chosen the plant based diet and want know more about the scientific research about the health around it, and so much more, I highly recommend reading the book “China Study”, written by two amazing men, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. and Thomas M. Campbell II. The book is very fascinating! Even for non-vegans it might be of interest.

------------- 2. Websites -------------


The absolute best website! If you want to know all about vegan clothing, makeup, food, environmental friendly cleaning products, and so much more, you need to check out this website. Click here


Yup, you have probably heard about this one before. Even before I went plant based, I used this website to buy supplements, because the supplements you can buy here are ten times better than the ones I could get home in Norway at that time. Moreover, they have tons of vegan foods, makeup, supplements and more! Even if you live in Denmark, or Norway you can use iHerb. Just make sure you shop for less than the toll taxes, so you don’t end up paying too much! Click here for the website.


Gena Hamshaw is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, former book editor and current Pre-Med student with a knack for eminently approachable raw foods recipes and an engaging writing style. You’ll also find a smattering of cooked foods throughout Gena’s posts, plus lots of thought-provoking ideas about being vegan in a non-vegan world.

------------- 3. Apps -------------


These apps are amazing! Wherever I go, I can use them to find out where the best vegan/vegetarian coffee shops and restaurants are! I have used them both in Australia and USA, and now in Denmark. Now you don’t need to walk your feet off to go looking for the places, just search! They're also perfect to use for any other diet preferences too!


Check if the cosmetic brand you want to shop is cruelty free! However, this does not check specifically if the product is vegan or not.


21-days to change a habit? This app can be very helpful to plan your meals..!

------ 4. Using your non-vegan clothes and replacements ------

My latest and biggest life philosophy have become a big part of my life now. It’s about the environment and sustainability of the world. Going vegan should not be about the tremendous rage you feel and the disgust of using makeup that is animal tested, or leather/fur clothes... In my opinion it should always be about the knowledge you gain, and the ability to think sustainability as well. I still have, to this day, makeup and perfumes that have been animal tested and are not vegan.. But I am not going to throw them away until I have used them and are able to buy new and vegan products. I belief it is a total waste to throw everything away. Even clothing.. Instead of throwing it away, I have sold some of my stuff I owned in leather and fur. But some of the clothes I have, that I got as a gift from my grandma, both a leather purse and a jacket with fur on, are not something I’m going to throw away. Even though I personally would never buy any leather/fur clothes or animal tested products again, I can’t really throw away or sell everything. Some of my gifts still smells beautifully of my grandma. Also, I think it is disrespectful to throw it away... Instead, sell it or just reuse it until it gets warn out, and then buy new vegan friendly clothes. There will be haters that challenge you with it, but just ignore it. Be smart, respectful and caring.

------------- 5. What to eat -------------

There’s always going to be those claims about the plant based diet being too expensive or too hard to make. And no, it does not have to be all about tofu either. The truth is, every meal can be expensive and hard to make, vegan or non-vegan. It doesn’t have to be this way.. A plant based diet can be just as cheap for a student on a budget or for a family of 4... Which brings me to tip number 1. Do your research and make it matter! Do your homework. There are heaps of helpful bloggers out there that have awesome and simple recipes to try out, I try to help too! Pinterest is even better! I use it all the time. The bottom line is, eat what you want, but if you want to go plant based, stay away from meat, fish, dairy and eggs, and you're all good. Experience and have fun!

What I eat? Whole foods and plant based meaning; Grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts and oil, anything whole food and plant based (and soy free). Give it to me!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blogpost. I’ll be back soon! Maybe with an exciting update for my 30 days vegan shred diet plan? Who is with me!?

Talk soon, xX

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