Weekly Challenge

Good morning everyone!

It is time for a new challenge on the blog, are you ready!?

Nope, this weeks challenge's not a Crossfit Open workout, although they have already released the 17.2 workout, Check it out on their Facebook page! It is challenging alright!

I have another one for you guys this week. A lot of you might already noticed that me and cardio, are not very good friends.. Well, I am willing to do something about that, and so this week I tried out this badass workout, and I loved it!

Check it out:

So, let me explain this workout:

Simply do 3 rounds of 500m running on a treadmill, at an indoor/outdoor - space or row 500m, then do 20 thrusters, 20 situps and 20 wall balls, finish with 500m run/row again, and repeat this 2 more rounds. Now, keep in mind that you don’t have to do 500m more, right after the last one, just continue on the 20 thrusters and so on. That means you don’t have to do 1000m each time you finish and start on a new round. So do: 500m, 20 thrusters, 20 situps and 20 wall balls, repeat with 500m, 20 thrusters, and so on. Remember when you have your last round, finish with an extra 500 meters!

Have a look at the demos below and make sure you’re ready to do the exercise!

N.B. Please, if you have any kind of injury or something else that prevent you for doing these workouts, consult a doctor or a physiotherapist for some alternative exercises! Also, if you are a beginner, please make sure you watch all the instruction videos below, and please, if you need to, ask me for help, I will be happy to guide you trough the workouts.

// Videos and demos from Exercise.com //

Pick the weights that suits you, and remember, it needs to challenge you!

Good luck!


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