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Okey, so I am out of words for this place!

Montville is a small town/village in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, on the Blackall Range, which offer a stunning view and spectacular nature wonders and pretty buildings. This place actually reminded me of Switzerland because of the buildings.. For those who have been to the mountain villages in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, you will get what I mean. It is very touristy, which I don’t really like, but the cafes are beautiful, amazing view, great shops and art, and just great environment overall!

Anyway, me and Vilde enjoyed a nice meal, had an awesome look out on the view of the hinterland, before we drove to Maleny, which I updated you on the other day. Just enjoy the beautiful atmosphere: 

How charming is this place!?

Talk soon lovelies Xx

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Good morning all!

I figured it was time for a little update regarding my stay here in Sunshine Coast. I have done a fair bit of travelling in different cute and nice areas around the coast. I can’t believe how stunning Australia is. I love the nature, the culture, the people, basically everything. However, it is kind of the same expensive prizes as in Norway, especially with the food. And so if you ever want to travel to Australia, make sure you find those cheap backpacker places, and find the best deals on food and travel tours!

So, Maleny, one of the cutest little towns I have been to. Just a couple of kilometres from Mooloolaba. They have an amazing passion for nature, organic, raw, and sustainable food. Kinda Hippie old town looking place. Although they had some good sides, me and Vilde, could defiantly see some bad sides swell. As crazy as it sounds, with a village that is so passionate about nature and food, they are the most rude people we have ever met here in Australia. However, I have to say, we have only been here once, in a couple of hours, so we may have come on the wrong day, haha.. Well, anyway, it is still worth visiting!

Have a look at the beautiful fall colours and amazing atmosphere! They even had a vegetarian café with heaps of vegetarian and vegan food and cakes! HEAVEN!

Talk soon!

Xx Eline



Before I update you guys on my Great Barrier Reef adventure, I just have to give you a little update from the day 7! We finally arrived Cairns!

Since I have already Skydived in Sydney in 2014, I wanted to save my money for something else. So while some people from our group went skydiving in the morning, me and some of my friends hang out on the Gilligans Backpacker hostel. Which by the way, is a famous party backpacker hostel for all travellers around the world. Its pretty much only partying.. However, the hostel was defiantly the best one on our trip, with a nice balcony, and clean beds and room! So if you’re ever in Cairns and want to have a cheap, yet nice stay, try the Gilligans! That is if you can bear the party noise...

Anyways, at 5pm we went bunny jumping at Cairns AJ Hackett. They have both a bunny swing and the jump. All of this was included in the prize in the tour. Such an amazing and crazy adrenaline rush, even though I almost peed in my pants when I jumped... I actually cried.. Not even kidding.. I cried.. But I did it!! Highly recommended!

Wow, day 8.. What a day.. I can finally say that I have been diving in the Great Barrier Reef! What an amazing and great adventure! I can finally thick that of my bucket list.

But I have to be honest.. The trip from Cairns Marina to the spot where we were going to dive.. wow, I don’t have words for how sick I got.. And I am not the only one... People were puking everywhere... People laying like dead people everywhere.. Omg, what a wavy trip.. Luckily I didn’t throw up.. But still, I have never been so sick on a boat trip before..

But really, enough talk about puking.. haha.. This adventure is still something I will remember as the most amazing thing I have ever done! I kinda panicked about the whole scuba dive thing, but still what an adventure! I also got to see a turtle and a shark! Although the shark was smaller than 1 meter, I still saw a shark, and it’s defiantly counted as one!

As you guys also know, I am not the best swimmer in the world, in fact, I hate to swim. And when I swim, I look like a pig with only one leg trying to get around, not pretty.. So when I saw that shark, I certainly learned how to swim faster, thats for sure.

Although the scenery of the reef was stunning, I can’t help thinking about what it would be like if we humans didn’t ruin it like we do. I mean, yes, I know we don’t mean to, but still, all this plastic going out in the sea, all this boattrips releasing fuel from the boat into the water, and I also guess that some people can’t keep their fingers to them selves and have to touch the reef and ruin it... I feel bad.. Because I could see that the reef have been impacted on all this tourism and humans in general.. I will defiantly be more aware on the nature and environment after this!

Some of the pictures are mine and some of them are borrowed form Deep Sea Divers Den, with some editing from me. Deep Sea Divers Den are the company that provided this trip for us. Such an amazing service and crew, and we got a great lunch buffet as well! Great photos from our trip!

I am in love! Look at the stunning reef!

That’s it for today folks, talk soon!

Xx Eline



Oh yes, it is day 6 of my Easter Break trip - update. Who’s excited!?

From Magnetic Island and Townsville to back on the road towards Cairns and the Tully River. What an awesome day! We were divided into several teams and boats when we arrived and got good instructions and training on how we should deal with the whole rafting experience. It is no doubt one of the most exciting adventure I have ever done. Tully River is located 2 hours from Cairns, inland from Mission Beach. Beautiful scenery, breathtaking nature, and great river conditions as the rainy day made the river a bit more wild. We went river rafting with Cairns River Rafting - Raging Thunder. And of course we got an awesome rafting leader on our boat, that basically made jokes and tried to scare us for the whole trip. He was hilarious. So if you ever travel to this place and want to do some rafting, ask for Angelo, blond long hair, extremely typical Australian and just the funniest guy ever!

The rafting was an amazing experience. We had to use good technique and teamwork to get through the hard parts of the river, and it is just the best feeling when you’re finished! Just remember, river rafting is actually quite dangerous..

Oh well, not too much to talk about today, but I still have some awesome pictures from the trip to show you guys! Have a look:

Haha omg, some of the pictures are just hilarious.. And from the pictures I chose to show you, it doesn’t really look like we are having a great time lol.. But it was great, I promise!

Talk soon! Xx Eline



Hi all!

I have a new update from my Easter break trip with Extreme Adventures! This in an update for the day 5 out of 9 days. I have a lot of pictures to show you guys, I am so excited for this one!

First of all, me, Eileen, Alana and Jorge decided that we wanted to rent scooters so we could explore the Island a little bit. Their names was Rupert, Fred, Olaf and Pablo. Hilarious.

Magnetic Island is not a big Island, with basically only one road to follow all the way through. You can’t really get lost. Still, there are some smaller roads around the Island, so of course we got lost.. Embarrassing...

Anyway. The other guys, Poncho, Enrique and Eduardo, rented a car, and after that, we all drove together down to a bay where we found wild wallabies and awesome rocks to climb. And as you can see, we took heaps of pictures and selfies, haha, and this is not even all of the pictures.. Next stop, Horse Shoe Bay, which is a famous beach on Maggie Island. We went for an awesome walk up to a viewpoint and decided we wanted to try another way down to Balder Beach.. Unfortunately, we did not know that it was a nude beach, so we were pretty shocked when we arrived. HAHA! But, we still wanted to go for a swim, so we did. WITH OUR CLOTHES ON!

Naked people running and jumping around like crazy, jesus. Nope, not really my cup of tea.

It was a great day, one of the best on my trip, with a lot of new friendships building, a lot of fun and heaps of laughter.. I am going to miss these guys.

Hope you guys enjoyed this cute little update.

Talk soon!

Xx Eline