Wow, I mean, I ran to the toilet twice yesterday, no joke. This is a real “cleanser”, full of fiber, proteins, minerals and vitamins! Oh, how I love pesto. Homemade, with a slightly cheesy flavor! Together with a pasta made of spinach and seaweed, and a green salad, it is an absolute winner!

Poor dad... He’s a big meatlover. And I gave him the greenest shit ever for dinner.. Lol.. Anyways, he said it tasted delicious, just because of the potatoes with pesto, and the asparagus fried in butter! Haha, daddy 💚

For the pesto:

80 g basil ・ 1/4 cup lemon juice ・ 1/4 olive oil ・ 3 tbsp pine nuts ・ 1/2 tsp sea salt ・ 2 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional - but makes a great taste of cheese and are fortified with B12 vitamin) ・ 2 cloves of garlic ・ 1 cup spinach

Anything else:

Pasta made out of whole grains or vegetables ・ 5 potatoes ・ mixed greens and optional vegetables

For pestoen:

80 g basilikum ・ 4 ss sitron saft ・ 4 ss oliven olje ・ 3 ss pinnekjerner ・ 1/2 ts havsalt ・ 2 ss næringsgjær (valgfritt - men dette gir en deilig ostesmak og inneholder B12) ・ 2 hvitløksfedd ・ 1 håndfull spinat

Alt annet:

Fullkornspasta eller pasta laget på grønnsaker ・ 5 poteter ・ blandet salat og grønnsaker

1. Start off by cutting the potatoes in bigger chunks like I have done. Cook the potatoes until tender.

2. Make the pesto by simply blending all the ingredients together in a strong blender.

3. Cook the pasta. Cook the vegetables if needed. I use to fry the asparagus in a pan together with some vegan butter, oil and salt. They get super delicious!

4. Assemble the green salad. For extra good nutrition and proteins, make sure to incorporate; asparagus, peas, broccoli, avocado, kale and spinach. Top with pine nuts.

5. Assemble the pasta dish with the pasta, potatoes and some spinach. Top with pesto and some pine nuts.

This recipe made enough for me, my mom and dad. Eat, sit back and enjoy how the body absorb the delicious taste and awesome nutrients! You might be ready to run to the toilet after a couple of hours, for a healthy green dump.. ✌ Make sure to drink a lot of water too!

Talk soon, Xx

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Got a new header! What do you all think!?

Hi all!

As I have said before, I am not very interested in making diet plans for my self, counting calories, having to follow every single ideal diet, etc... That’s not how I want to eat. However, I do have some "ground rules" for myself so that I can control my eating habits. Because, let’s be honest, I could eat all the candy in the world if I got the chance... Seriously..

Some of you have been very curious of how I eat, especially to keep a healthy diet while I work out every single day. I'm not an expert in nutrition. However, by gathering information from ground principles of nutrition from different countries, my own experience and other’s experiences, these 5 “rules”, principles or should I say eating habits, are the best ones for my body and are working for me in my daily life. You have to be careful following others tips and tricks about nutrition. Something might work for one person, or many people, but it is not always working for your self. I found that out years ago... I don’t believe I’m the only one feeling like that.

With all of this said, these rules, as I said, do not fit for all! That is very important for me to specify. You have to try out stuff for yourself. I have experimented by my self, tried out heaps of diets, rules, different recipes, principles, etc. I found out, I can’t follow somebody else, I need to do this by my self, and so I combined the best ones, and came out with these golden principles. These principles, is what makes my energy levels go up, keeps my stomach aches away, gaining strength, maximize recovery, feeling good and happy, and being healthy and satisfied at the same time.

1. I try to have at least 4 meals per day

As I have said before, not every “rule”, if we can call it that, would fit to you as an individual. I have a friend that only eats 1 or 2 meals a day, however, her meals are huge! Like two plates fully topped with loads of proteins and fats. She probably eats 3000 kcal in one meal, no joke. This does not work for me tho, like I need more meals. However, some days I don’t feel like eating breakfast, and so I don’t... But then again I need to fuel my body, so I eat a little more in my lunch break.

This principle keeps me satisfied during the whole day, and also helps to keep my sweet tooth away! How many meals do you like to have during a day?

2. Sugary and fat foods only on Saturdays, and then eat all I want!

Oh, how I love this one. Like seriously, Saturdays are the best day of the week for me! Some people would say this is a stupid rule, and that we should all eat what we want, whenever we want. And that may be true, however, for me, I need to have some restrictions on the daily basis. If I were to eat all I wanted from Monday to Sunday, I would have felt awful.. and would get too much stomach ache. The bottom line is, if you want to eat anything you would like, go for it! It’s how you feel about your self that is the only thing that’s matters! But keep in mind, you only have one body, and you have to live with it for the rest of your life, so take good care of it, and give it some love.

If I want to stay in shape, and be good at what I do, I need this Saturday rule for myself. Yes, I admit it, my self control is shit. Haha! So this rule, basically says, that on Saturdays, I can eat anything I want, for all day long. Yup, you heard me, a whole cheat day! My philosophy behind this, if I can call it a philosophy, is to eat so much crap, that I don’t want it for the rest of the week, haha! Maybe crazy, but it works for my sweet tooth! The craziest part is, I can go for weeks without even using this rule, simply because it have made me not craving anymore!

With this said, it’s not that I am completely crazy about it. I’d like to live more by my own feelings, and so if it’s Tuesday, and I need candy, then I would go and eat candy. It’s all about how I feel about my self, in a healthy way. It is all about health, and not calories!

3. I do not drink anything else than water

There is one exception; When I make my breakfast bowl, I do use some coconut milk or other homemade nut/seed milk.

What I mean by this rule, is that I do not want to fill up my stomach on calories from let’s say, juice or soda. I need the calories I can get from food, just because my stomach feels more satisfied. It is that simple.

4. Less white carbohydrates

Mmm sweet potato! That is just one of the carbohydrates I focus on.

White carbohydrates are: Potato, white rice, white pasta, refined sugar, refined wheat, typically cakes, white bread, biscuits, etc..

Instead I eat: Sweet potato, vegetables, quinoa, brown rice, whole grain breads, you get the picture. In a daily basis I do focus on eating more vegetables, sweet potato or fruits, filling up with more nuts and seeds, instead of grains. I tend to get stomach ache if I eat too much oats, rice and quinoa. However, I need the grains in my diet to secure more iron in my body! In general grains are good for you! So keep eating them!

5. Fill up with veggies!

This is probably the one rule you should take with you from today’s blogpost. Like, it is never a bad idea to eat more veggies! It is healthy, and satisfying for your body! Packed with amazing nutrients!

Eat your veggies!

That’s all for today honeys! I hope you liked the post and that it answered some of your questions! Talk soon, and have an awesome Sunday! Xx



Good morning to you, my beautiful patient readers. I have no words for how grateful I am for those of you being so patient and loyal as readers of my blog. Like, what would I do without you? And so much love!

As you might have noticed, I have not been very active on the blog lately.. Actually not active at all. This time, for the last couple of months have been tough. I will admit it, it have been horrible! With a family member passing away, big cramps in my stomach, a lot of worrying and other stuff, I am totally exhausted! It feels like a depression.. Have you guys ever had that helpless feeling of loneliness, even when you’re never alone? Feeling useless, but just useful enough to breath out some CO2 for the plants to use.... I am walking around in my own bubble. Not even recognizing my self! Sometimes, I feel like I’m looking at my self from the outside, like a fly on the wall. Thank God that I have you guys, my mom and dad, boyfriend, and such good friends!

Thank you so much, again, for being loyal and patient with me.. I promise more updates from now on! I need to get my shit together and start fresh with some good quality blog posts for you guys! Love you all. Talk soon Xx


// God morgen alle sammen, mine nydelige tålmodige lesere. Jeg har ingen ord for hvor takknemlig jeg er for at dere har vært så tålmodig og lojale ovenfor bloggen min. Hva skulle jeg gjort uten dere? Og så mye kjærlighet som dere gir!

Som dere sikkert har lagt merke til, har jeg vært veldig fraværende på bloggen i det siste. Faktisk for flere uker! Denne tiden har i de siste par månedene vært veldig hard for meg. Jeg kan vel egentlig bare være ærlig og si at den har vært helt forferdelig! Med et familiemedlem som har gått bort, store magesmerter, mye bekymringer og andre ting, jeg er totalt utslitt! Det føles som en depresjon.. Har dere noen gang hatt den håpløse følelsen av ensomhet, selvom man aldri er alene? Følelsen av ubrukelighet, men akkurat nok brukelig til at du puster ut noe CO2 som planter kan bruke. Jeg går rundt i min egen lille boble. Jeg kjenner ikke meg selv igjen! Noen ganger føler jeg at jeg ser på meg selv utenfra, som en flue på veggen i mitt eget liv. Takk Gud for at jeg har dere, mamma og pappa, kjæreste og gode venner!

Igjen, tusen takk for at dere har vært så lojale og tålmodig med meg. Jeg lover at jeg skal komme med flittigere oppdateringer fra nå av! Jeg trenger å samle opp all dritten fra meg selv og starte på en ny og frisk en! Med god kvalitet på blogginnleggene mine. Love you. Snakkes snart Xx //

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